Classic Kettlebells and Iron Edge Classic kettlebells have been a signature product in the Iron Edge line up ever since our inception, and are directly related to why our company was created in the first place. Really though it’s not all that surprising, some tools and training methodologies just seem to transcend time with their […]


At Iron Edge we’re forever improving and refining our products. Innovation, premium quality & service is core to our business and we pride ourselves on doing things properly. Through combined efforts in negotiating with suppliers and improving our processes, we’ve been able to secure better pricing storewide*. Our new pricing structure (up to 10% discount […]


A solid lifting rack, whether it be a Matrix or Vector cell, a Zenith rack, an Iron Cage, the Assault Rack or the Power Cage should stand as the corner stone to any serious performance set-up. After all they stand as supportive structures for building serious strength on, offering a pillar in which to support […]

bulg bag

The Bulgarian Bag is a very unique and different looking training tool that was developed by former world class athlete and USA Olympic Wrestling Team coach, Ivan Ivanov. Essentially, this is a crescent shaped, leather bound weighted bag that has a variety of different handles and hand holds, allowing its user free reign to load the […]

Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian Bag is an unusual yet versatile training tool, sharing its roots from the world of Greco Roman Olympic Wrestling. This crescent shaped super strong training bag has all the hallmarks of an eastern bloc legend, allowing its user to focus on movement based strength and conditioning. Not only can basic movement patterns be trained, […]


Traditionally, the Sprint Sled could be viewed as a sprint power and explosive acceleration tool, allowing athletes to focus their attention on linear explosiveness, acceleration technique and starting strength. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of application and veritable training options. Essentially, the sprint sled allows for the loading of […]

Heavy Dead Ball Training

Heavy Deadballs are tremendous tools for training strength and power throughout the entirety of the kinetic chain, allowing athletes to focus on traditional strength training exercises or chase strongman style power and performance. Constructed from high impact rubber and devoid of handles or hand holds, heavy Deadballs present with a sense of real world awkwardness. […]